World-class gas pipe material parts and materials company


Starting with the development of UHP Fittings for the application of the semi-conductor and FPD line, TK-FUJIKIN corporation succeeded in domestically producing UHP Valves, Regulators, Gas Filters, Gas Sticks, Gas Panels and IGS (Integrated Gas Solution) for the first time, which were dependent upon import from foreign countries until now. And with the high productivity through the modernized factory automation, manufacturing control and standardized quality control system, TK-FUJIKIN has been also manufacturing Tube Fittings & Instrument Valves used in the field of nuclear power, thermal power, plant, shipbuilding industry which can be new growth engines.

Ultra High Purity Products
As the specialized company in the field of the components & materials industry, TK-FUJIKIN has been firmly establishing the high reputation around the world and recognized with the high technical skills by being designated as the official supplier to the world-class semiconductor companies such as Samsung electronics, LG Display and SK-Hynix. In addition, the technological leadership via the continuous investment on R&D and strict quality control will allow us to provide the customers with the upmost service and satisfaction. Based on our efforts, we believe that TK-FUJIKIN will grow as a global corporate brand and eventually become the global leading company that leads the world technology
General Industrial Products
TK-FUJIKIN has been produced high quality products such as Fittings and Valves applying to nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemicals, marine and shipbuilding industry with automation equipment system TK-FUJIKIN acquired KEPIC certification through maintaining a quality assurance qualification required in the Electric Power Industry and acquired ASME certification related with nuclear power industry. TK-FUJIKIN has been recognized with reliable product supply and always tried to improve quality.
Natural Gas Vessels Products
Compressed Pressure Vessels Applied to Natural Gas and Hydrogen Industry Type 4 Cylinder Tank, CNG Valve, and Fitting business, expanding the scope of natural gas vehicle parts. We have a product line ranging from CNG, hydrogen, and drones. In addition, we have developed our own Tube Skid (Cascade) for CNG and applied it to vehicles for natural gas transportation. In addition to the North American automotive high-pressure fuel tank certification (ANSI NGV2-2007), ISO 11439, ISO 11119-3, and ECE R 110 have been acquired. As a composite material manufacturer, it is the only total solution company that can supply Type 4 high pressure vessels and valves for NGV all over the world.