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TK-FUJIKIN has been supplied valves, regulators, gas filters, gas sticks and IGS (Integrated Gas System) of the gas panel through localization of UHP fittings in Semiconductor and FPD applications, which all components had been relied on imported products so far, and also, has well-known company specializing in parts, that has been recognized as the most vulnerable industry in Korea.

In addition, we have established a complete Line-Up for UHP & GI gas piping materials up to the compression fittings, valves, and canisters(bubbler type) for customized products.

TK-FUJIKIN had realized not only the localization of the imported products in gas distribution system through fostering our own R & D ability, but also has been breaking through a fierce competition with well-known competitors globally in overseas market. And, TK-FUJIKIN has strengthened our position and high quality management system together with providing the diversified product range, since ownership was changed by Fujikin in 2009 TK-FUJIKIN will continue overall efforts to satisfy customers’ satisfaction through putting investment on R & D, and equipment of excellent quality management system, so that we can provide competitive price and streamlined products to the customers eventually. Furthermore, we will continuously expand our market domain from traditional UHP & FPD to General Industry including Solar, Nuclear, Hydraulic & Thermal Power, CNG, BIO, Food, Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding, Ocean Plant, Fuel Cell, Pharmaceutical, and Aerospace.

TK-FUJIKIN will focus on further growth together with Fujikin’s superb R & D staffs to be a leading company globally, through development of the customized products against market demands beyond localization of the imported products. Ultimate goal of TK-FUJIKIN is to realize the customer’s satisfaction by providing the product development on market demands, ethical management, commitment to the work process and corporate culture that working on the mutual respect & understanding.

I hope that you are respectfully requested to continuously support and encourage us as we work toward becoming the world's best parts specialized company. We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you and your company and hope you to get beneficial information through our website. Thank you very much.

Strengthening its status as a company specializing in parts and materials

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