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Environmental Management

TK-FUJIKIN is strongly concerned about environmental issues and keeps our work environment clean and safe through energy savings, minimizing hazardous material use and waste

Implementation of Environmental Regulations

Compliance with International Environmental Standard
Meeting customers' requirements
Set up and Operation of Internal Standards

Minimize environmental polluiton

Efficient facility management
Waste Reduction
Resource Recycling

Raising environmental awareness

Recognition of Environmental impact of production activities
Training programmes for environmental awareness

Preventive activities

Continuous environmental impact evaluation
Removal of the potential risks
Eco-friendly activities

TK-FUJIKIN Environmental Management System


ISO 14001 Certification
TK-FUJIKIN eatablished environmental management system with acquisition of ISO14001, and further we have established and run procedure to consider environmental values complying to domestic regulations and international standards.


Waste Management
All wastes are separated and stored according to their waste type and characteristics. Further, they are disposed appropriately in accordance with national laws and regulations. Discharge history is registered and managed in online monitoring system of government, 'Allbaro'.


Self Monitoring Company designated by MOE
TK-FUJIKIN is one of 'Self-Monitoring' companies designated by Ministry of Environment, and accordingly, we are submitting the (self-assessment) result twice a year.


Water Quality Management
TK-FUJIKIN has run prevention facilities for self-treatment of waste-water within factory. Emission standards are strictly managed by person in charge.
Self-monitoring results are recorded and maintained every month, and reported twice a year to guarantee its transparency


Air Quality Management
To protect both workers' health and maintain optimal air quality, dust collector has been installed to minimize emission of harmful gases and dust.
The whole process is strictly controlled by persons in charge, and throughout regular self checkup and filter change, atmospheric environment has been maintained at its optimal level.


TK-FUJIKIN has implemented self environmental impact evaluation to comply with environmental laws and regulations, and will keep running environmental management as one of top priorities.