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TK-FUJIKIN creates a clean workshop and safe environment by continuous improvement to minimize the energy used in the factory, management of hazardous materials and waste management.

Echaustive implementation of environmental laws andregulations

Compliance of environmental laws and intemational standards
Compliance of customer requirement
Setting up and operating the company's intemal standards

Minimize environmental polluiton

Efficient management of facilities
Waste reduction activities
Recycling of resources

Recognition for environmental preservation

Awareness of Production activities impact on the environment
Training for Environmental conservation awareness

Continuous prevention activities

Continuous environmental impact Evaluation
Removal of the potential risks
Participation of eco-friendly activities

TK-FUJIKIN System Basis for Environment


ISO14001 Certification
Through the international environmental standard ISO14001, environmental management system has been established.
The planning, execution, review, and improvement procedures are established and implemented to comply with domestic environmental laws, regulations and international standards.


Waste Management Activities
Waste is separated and stored according to types of waste and characteristics.
Also, waste is disposed in accordance with national laws and regulations and the history is registered and managed in "Olbaro System(The Right System)”


Designation of Self-checking Business by Ministry of Environment
TK-FUJIKIN acquired the appointment letter of Self-checking Business by Ministry of Environment for the effective management of waste.
Accordingly, TK-FUJIKIN has submitted a result table twice a year after self-checking.


Water Quality Management Activities
Prevention facilities(waste water disposal plant) have been installed and operated for self-treatment of waste-water from the factory. Emission standards are satisfied with efficient operation by placing a dedicated manager for waste-water treatment.
Self-checking results are recorded and maintained after conducting monthly self-checking and transparent management has been realized by reporting determined emissions twice a year.


Atmosphere Management Activities
Dust collector has been installed for process occurring harmful gases and dust to manage the health of workers and TK-FUJIKIN has tried to reduce the emissions of air pollutants.
Workers‘ self-management has been under the control of a dedicated administrator. Optimal atmospheric environment has been maintained through implementation of the periodic self-measurements and the filter (activated carbon) replacement.


Various licensing matters have been reported to comply with environment laws and regulations and self environmental effects evaluation has been conducted. Management practices considering the environment as a top priority.