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Quality System

Quality Management System of TK-FUJIKIN is to provide customers with reliable products which have high quality.

TK-FUJINKIN can manufactore high quality product wihich has fast delivery and competitive price by applying integrated quality management system such as process management, product tracking system etc.

TK-FUJIKIN System based on Quality Management


Inspection for manufacturing
For thousands of parts, TK-FUJIKIN has been conducting inspections such as roughness, hardness, dimension and surface inspection whenever they are used in each lot.


Measuring equipment
TK-FUJIKIN has been doing close inspections by using measuring equipment such as surface roughness tester, hardness tester, profile measuring machine and etc.


Calibration maintenance
Hundreds of measuring equipment have been maintained for their accuracy through the process of calibration every year.


EP surface(roughness) analysis
AES, XPS, SEM analysis has been conducted to make sure the quality for Electropolished surface(roughness).


Resistivity management.
TK-FUJIKIN has been checking up on resistivity to maintain cleanliness level of ultra high purity product line.


Ion leaching test
Ion leaching test has been conducted for quality management of De-Ionized water using on process.


Oil content analysis
Oil content analysis has been conducted to measure oil on parts and the cleaning process is completed by using oil content analyzer.


Inspection equipment
TK-FUJIKIN has various inspection equipment such as leak detector, particle counter, function test equipment to inspect performance of finished products accurately.


Performance warranty
Regarding all finished products, TK-FUJIKIN guarantees performance as leak test.


Evaluation of subcontractor
TK-FUJIKIN has been regularly conducting evaluation of subcontractors in order to maintain and improve their quality level.


Inspection by 3rd Party
TK-FUJIKIN has been carried out the inspection by 3rd Party when special inspection is required from customer excepting for mentioned above.